Welcome to the WILD SIDE!

of Mucha.....

Here you see Jeff PowerJamming (tm) to the latest cool rock. The only problem is that he likes the kinda rock that is cool for about a few months and then dies out.
It is like Z100, you hear a song on it, all the kiddies like it, and it makes a few people rich then it dies out. Like the Hansons MMM Bop. This is a song that a bunch of boys that look and sound like girls, sing. Are they in the "look and feel " contest???? Will people be doing the Crockareena dance in a few years? What ever happened to Right Said Fred? I think I will Labamba my way out of here and become the world, the children, and the ones who make a brighter day so lets start living.

I am So BUFF!!!
Left arm
Right arm
Just Look at Me....

After a long hard few hours of working out, I go eat my tuna. It tastes so fishy, aint that odd??? Every now and then I will start to think that I aint putting on the poundage, but that is ok. When I am pumping that massive Iron, I can FEEL THE BURN. If I stand up too fast after getting all the blood flowing, my head starts to spin. Must be the low blood pressure, but hey, at least I'm eating Tuna.

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