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Here is a little story about a person who was trying to SMOKE some crack and he got a little carried away.

So, I hear that you are interested in my services, you want to buy some, should we say, CRACK! I think I have the best crack there is to offer, come join me in my office.
You are getting very sleepy.
What the hell does that have to do with anything? I thought we were trying to sell some crack.
Ahh but this is the best crack, and to enjoy it the most you need to be very sleepy.
I am talking really damn sleepy here not just any kind of sleepy; you are getting so sleepy that when you stand up on that God-forsaken scale that you have to see how much you weigh, it says that you are 5 pounds overweight.
That sleepy huh?
Yes. That sleepy.
Are you getting sleepy yet?
By the way don't try Tucks Medicated Pads, they don't seem to be helping my hemerroids.
Im sorry, I got something stuck here in my nose. It is impeding my ability to hear you. I guess I am getting sleepy. So are we going to sell some crack or what?
Yes, here is your Crack, I think you will find that this is the best crack that you will ever have smoked. May it serve you well in life.
Johnny then went home and tried his new crack, little did he know that it was not crack at all but really, FAKE CRACK!!!!!! When he found out, he decided that he would take that bad dude down for selling him some tripped out FAKE crack.
Look punk, you sold me some fake crack and now I got you, you better get down on your knees and hand over the real Crack.
Uhh but I, Uhh never really had the Crack. It was all a setup, the Crack, the Getting Sleepy Crap, Even the Hemmeroides, you didn't really think I had Hemmeroides did you?

Oh ok well if it was just a setup then I guess you can go. Hey that was pretty cool, I almost killed you over Fake Crack, Immagine that! Whatever.

You Guys watching can take off now, I am not going to shoot him, but if you don't start running I might shoot you!

So the next day at the office the fake crack dealer came back to work as usual but this time, There will be no more crack dealing, we will stick to the safe stuff were no one can get hurt. Gang-sta Businessman Homey Deathmetal Rap Writing.

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