Life Before Now

Hello there. My name is Daniel Aaron May.
I was born in Portland, Oregon , but I lived in Vancouver for most of my life.
My parents are Ray and Londa May. My dad, Ray Charles May is from Michigan and my mom, Londa Lynn Hollingworth, is from Bremerton, Washington.
I have two brothers. My older brother, David Anthony May, and my younger brother, John Micheal May. My brother Dave is married to a very nice lady named Nikki.
My mom works for Philip Environmental Services and my dad is a Head Cheese\Mechanic at a local service station.
My younger brother works with a local construction company as an borer operator and My older brother is in Heating and Air Conditioning

I grew up in Vancouver, Washington. I went to Sunset Elementary School till 2nd grade. From 2nd grade till 10th grade I attended Cornerstone Christian School. It was pretty cool and I had a lot of great friends.

From 10th grade till the end of my high school career I attended Prairie High School. It was in my senior year that I got really involved with school. I was involved with A lot of things.
I got really involved with the Drama Department. I acted in a few plays (Thars Coal in Them Thar Hills, A Company of Wayward Saints, and Waiting for Lefty). Acting is one of the Greatest experiences ever. And I helped out in stage for a few others (I Remember Momma and Starmites). Teching is pretty fun too.
I was also involed in Air Force Junior ROTC, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honors Society, and Knowledge Bowl.
I was a Cadet First Lieutenant in Air Force Junior ROTC. It was here that I was exposed to ROTC and I was hooked. I applied for an Air Force ROTC Scholarship and I got one. A Type 2 Scholarship for Electrical Engineering.

I got the Scholarship and I went of to the University of Portland. But sadly the Air Force wasn't for me. I dropped out of school in my sophmore year and joined the Navy. You could say I got a good taste of life and now I want to see the world. Where better to do it then in the Navy. "Let the journey begin."

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