A little about myself. I am a 24 year old student at the University of Oregon. I have completed my Bachelors of Arts and am continuing my studies (see below)

I come from Sherwood Oregon, a small town that is rapidly becomming one of the fastest growing towns in Oregon. My parents live there still.

Besides photographing all of the time and steadliy working toward my BFA (again see below) I also have a small amount of time to keep in touch with my friends.

Also check out my attempt to make a richer form of correspondance with GENERIC MAIL. Check it out.

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In addition to being a visual design major at the University of Oregon, my area of study is multimedia and Photography. This year I am working on my Bachelors of Fine Arts and continuing with familiar themes, especially Memory and Truth.
Memories of the Spirit is about an attachment to place. The inability of photography to capture the essence or feeling of emotion.

Brendan Impson
(among other people)
will understand this


Recent Projects
In my spare time when I should be doing school work, I have been working on several new web pages. The first of which is PROOF, a web version of a publication produced by the Advanced Photo students of the UofO last year

Also, I have been working on Paranoia Type Design, a front end for the distribution of typefaces that I either create or translate

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Type Design

 I also have a wonderful girlfriend, Huei-Wen Hsu (Julie), who is from TaiChung, Taiwan. During of the summer of 1995 , I went to Taiwan and experienced wonderful AUTHENTIC Taiwanese and Chinese food without having to deal with all those nasty communists